Friday, January 16, 2009

Charismatic pelvic thrust ????

This is what I picked from an Indian Newspaper:

"Anil Kapoor, Shah Rukh: SHOW STEALERS

    All the Hollywood A-listers were present at the 66th Golden Globe award ceremony, and our dear Rahman did us proud by bagging the coveted Globe, but two of our desi superstars – Shah Rukh Khan and Anil Kapoor managed to steal a part of the limelight, too! Where the rest of Hollywood sat and clapped their hands in the most elegant sort of way, Anil who was excited for obvious reasons, gave a standing ovation to Danny Boyle. And was just short of doing that Lakhan type of a jig. Adding to the masti was Shah Rukh, flashing his dimples, throwing kisses at the audience… and opting to do the ‘pelvic Indian dance’. They were our heroes that evening, like they are every other evening. But we are happy they showed the world what our Indian cinema and personalities are... cheerful, fun-loving and charismatic! "

I can understand over the top praise for Rahman!His music was good and he won.

But really now, did Anil Kapoor and the "Pelvic thrust" comment made by SRK really define Indian "Charisma"?

When people are thrust onto a global stage the last comment they should be making is about ill-conceived stereo types. Is Indian cinema and Indian dance in particular all about Pelvic thrusts? Looks like everything SRK states whether it is nonsense or not is lauded by the Indian press.
We thrive on stereotypes and dont ever want to come out of the mould,no matter how fallacious they are.

Im sure every Indian watching the Golden globe would have cringed in their seats watching Anil Kapoor act like a kid lost in a candy store... 

What difference does it make to Indian Cinema whether a Golden Globe recognises the movie or not? Correct me if im wrong, the movie was directed and produced by a britisher with the only Indian connection being the actors (who weren't nominated by the way) and the story of course.

So whom exactly was Anil Kappor doing a "Lakhan Jig" for ? Hmm lets see.....
Was it for himself? He wasnt nominated and his role in the movie if not anything was meagre. So that would seem pretty stupid.
For the Director Danny Boyle? Hmm thts interesting, Ive never seen him come up with such jigs for any of his other Directors.
Still wondering....

I just dont understand why Indian Cinema craves for outside recognition,the Golden Globes and Oscars in particular. The likes of Satyajit Ray didn't crave for an Oscar to recognise their cinematic genius. But maybe thats just it, true genius never seeks validation.

If what Anil Kapoor did was a snippet of what Indian Cinema and its personalities are, I surely hope the likes of Irfan Khan,Anupam Kher etc check themselves into some other galaxy!

I hope the press stop touting such ridiculous behaviour as a ode to "Indian personalities."


jus me... said...

I have no complaints against desiring the Oscar. It is like conquering the world. But yeah we are so moronic and desperately trying to impress that we normally end up looking like fools.
I liked it that SRK wud be hosting Golden Globes. But not the cheesy jokes.
But Anil Kapoor's jig was jus another disaster... like we've had Aishwarya Rai, Jaya Bacchan and numerous others dressing up as... color blind idiots. Fashion maybe an insignificant thing to most ppl but when the whole world is watching u at a fashion event, n basing the entire country on you......................
whatever happened to common sense of people?

Gargs said...

The prb is 'we' are no longer proud of wht we are, we ape everything from the accent ,to clothes to everything... Ive never seen a britisher or any other national for tht matter try to disguise his accent into sumthing else coz he wants to be accepted...
The day we get comfortable in our skin and be what we are im sure well stop making fools of ourselves!

|( /\ |_| $ |-| | |( said...

Are the actors Indians? Dev Patel was English, wasn't he? Thankfully, did not watch the ceremony :-).

Well said, "maybe thats just it, true genius never seeks validation." It would be hard to disagree on that!

Similar Ghajini is being touted as the 'south indian' movie to make it big in Hindi, some have mistakenly deluded themselves into believing slumdog to be a bollywood movie making it big in the west.

The root cause of the promotion and gimmicks being to capture a bigger audience and to rake in the money.

Gargs said...

People dont know tht ghajini was "inspired" by an english movie don't they?

I've almost abt given up hope on Indian cinema after watching the likes of "Rab ne bana di Jodi" etc etc :-(