Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Prayer for a miracle....

Where were the self appointed custodians of the localites when Mumbai was defaced by the "REAL OUTSIDERS"? Not one was visible on the streets of the city along with their band of followers trying to reclaim Mumbai for Mumbaikars.So, all the talk about being there and protecting the interests of the manoos came down to Zilch.

Every citizen of this country was united as one against the people who dared harm one of their own. Each and every one shared the grief and shock of a Mumbaikar whether he was in Chennai or Delhi. This should be enough to prove to the politicians that their partisan policies didn't cut any ice with the "MANOOS" of this country.

I guess the pledge we all learnt and recited in school wherein we say "All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters" needs to be reiterated to politicians in particular.Not a single one of them displayed any sense of solidarity given the nature of events.Instead they were busy bickering and pointing fingers at one another while the real manoos of Mumbai bore brunt to an inconceivable and unpardonable act of hatred.

Time and again some or the other part of our country has come under the wrath and fire of unexplainable acts of extremism.Its the same every time, we cry out in anger and disgust and then slowly we are inured to the situation until another one bigger than before strikes us.For a couple of days the newspapers and TV channels are full of reports and blogger's like you and me vent out about the situation blaming the politicians. And after that its back to business as usual, the incident is lost and forgotten ,only to be marked by fancy name tags like "26/11" etc etc.Will this ever change?

Waiting for the Phoenix to emerge from the ashes...

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