Friday, January 30, 2009

Perceptions of a world engaged in schizophrenia..

Ive always wondered if every tiny action on earth was preplanned. If that is the case our pretense at decisions and thoughts must be  quite useless. So does that mean we are all acting like zombies, acting out in a skit with rehearsed dialogues? It sure doesnt feel like it though! If everything even your success or failure or even what you are going to talk is pre planned and pre ordained where is the concept of your indivudual personality/soul/mind whatever you may choose to call it in the picture? Let me mix a teeny bit of Hinduism in this zone which propogates the concept of Karma. In laymans terms and also trying to be terse about teh definition here,Karma is what you bring upon yourself , so essentially you at the end have the right and will to make decisions and live the consequences of it. If thats the case doesnt the concept of "Fate" take a beating?

You can change your destiny they say ....and how do you even begin to do that?Who even knows what their destiny is!

Isnt the very word Destiny rigid? It echoes of something you cannot alter and something that is already in store for you. So who are all these people who claim to have strived and altered their course of life? If that's possible for one man why isnt it possible for another or was that pre planned too, that this person is going to change his/her destiny .But hold on now,when you have the power to change something arent you also indirectly telling that nothing on this planet is written on stone and eveything is transient?So doesnt the concept of Fate take a beating there?

Should we live on optimism and hope that eveything we want will happen because its all in our hands or should we live on the pessimistic despair and hopelessness that no matter what you do your "Fate" always has the last word.

Is the Journey in your hand but the destination your fate? If thats the case how many different paths can you take to one destination, however much you alter the journey if your path is always going to drag you towards one destination which fate has ordained for u, where is the thrill in calling it "I changed my FATE!!!" No you didnt, maybe we all just happened to take a detour and reahed the same point.

FATE,DESTINY,KARMA whatever word we give it, it raises hopes for some and squashes hope for another.Looks like we are living in a schizophrenic world which presents a different persona to each being looking at it, its core being the same. 

The search for the core still on.......


jus me... said...

uh huh... freaky. I am a bit of control freak and like to think i'm responsible for all the shit i did (easier to blame it on fate though). the way i see it... the journey you undertake is fate, the turns you make are your choice, the place you reach is destiny which you make. and all the shit you did on the way adds up to karma.
do i get my philosopher's degree yet?

Gargs said...

You Sure do!!!!

But here is wht peeves me out abt teh whole logic of fate etc etc, wht if i dont want the journey fate has decided for me... I mean lets say fate says " Ok now move along u need to be a XYZ" but all i want to be is just an artist and not XYZ?

So u get to make choices (And most often than not u end up making shitty ones) but not ones that really matter,U can choose if u want a blue or pink suit maybe but the fact tht u will end up in a suit is already decided, wht if i dont want a suit in teh first place... All i wanted was a dress!!

Ahh ramblings galore............