Friday, June 22, 2007

Lamentations of a dormant blogger

One of my dear friends asked me why its been a year since my last post. I couldve answered right away using the mode of communication that i seem to utilise better than any (yaking of course ) But i felt this was a more appropriate medium.

Anyway, i did decide to think over his question and i came up with more questions about my blogging abilities.

For starters its really weird that i have so much to write about but I just cannot get myself to actually write abt it. I guess its the classical problem of trying to put my thoughts on paper.That sounds pretty derogatory so i would rather think that maybe by the time i want to write about the 1st thing i thought up of, I've already thought up of a good 10 other things...Fast thinking girl u c :-P

Now here is the second problem, When I start thinking I'm on a roll and i can write the history of the world down,i get bogged down by the presentation ,u have to worry about all the spellings and grammar and etc etc.It feels like I'm trying to correct an English essay paper :-(

I mean cmon it's a blog do we really need to compose anything in perfect English? ( i must confess though that i actually checked the spellings for this one ;-P)

Of course there is this other major thing of trying to actually log in to blog spot and compose Ur post...I know im sounding like one major lazy bum,. but thts the truth... even the composing part of it seems ok, but logging into ur blog post account is such a pain...

This time though im going to do some justice to my blog, inspite of all the major hurdles that ive already written about.