Monday, September 17, 2007

The saga of buckets, cups,spoons and the like...

This is basically an astonishing (not to mention ashamed) revist back to good old english grammar basics.

All these days whenever I had to use the plural form of 'bucketful' or 'cupful' i would actually go ahead and say "bucketsful and cupsful" but apparently it isnt the correct usage ... you would need to use 'bucketfuls' and 'cupfuls' instead...

The word 'bucketful' is actually a compund noun and in all such cases you would have to include an's' at the end of the complete compounded word not in the middle.

And i was under the impression that guessing plurals of singular objects would be childs play

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dancing in the Rain!!!

No...It isnt about any romantic movie where the couple meet in the rain and dance away till the end... Its just how unique everyone feels when it starts raining.

I have not till date come across any one single person who feels absolutely neutral about rain.The feelings move from pure happiness,wonder etc to absolute disgust regarding whats gonna happen to the wet clothes and the filthy streets etc etc and they never for once stop at the neutral zone...
No sir,not a single inert mind you would find that accompanies rain...thats the magic of rain for you.

But of all the myriad feelings rain evokes , singing and dancing seem to be the most popular ones...ever wondered why? Look at most movies or even advertisements for that matter, if you have rain you either have a song or a dance or both.. and of course if its an indian movie we are talking about more than just dance and song im sure...

For most other people its garam chai and yummy pakodas.... and im surely not complaining about this one :-).

Again some people would love to read a book when it rains.Come on, where is the fun in that! You are just gonna be looking into the book and concentrating more on the book not giving the rain its due respect!

I personally would love to talk a walk in the rain...not sing or dance just a plain good old walk down some road with lots of trees and without other curious human eyes...

There doesnt seem to be any logical explanation for why people feel what they do when it rains.
But who cares the saying goes you can either love it or hate it but you definitely cannot ignore rain.