Thursday, January 03, 2008

180 DEG of separation makes a pair of opposites...

Welcome to a world where it seems like birds of opposite feathers seem to prefer to flock together...

Haven't you ever wondered how you can have two contrasting statements like "Birds of a feather flock together and opposites attract"?

Come on...It makes no sense to have such contradicting statements existing on the same plane!I've been thinking about it for quite some time now,rather trying to figure out which one actually substantiates the world we live in and which one is more apt for today's day and age, and I must say that no two birds of the same feather are preferring each other of late by the looks of it.

Lets consider books for example,Ive seen 'N' number of my friends appreciate and swear by certain books and characters they admire idolise etc etc.. now what would you expect from someone who shows an appreciation to something.. well as a normal person i would expect them to either imbibe that personality,if not completely at least a bit of it or at least not show opposite traits in their life style...well surprise, surprise they act exactly the opposite!
I have come across almost everyone who claims to love Fountainhead and is bowled over by the character of Howard Roark,but why isn't anyone who insists
that its their fav work of fiction or literature(which ever way you chose to view it) ever want anything to do with Howard Roark or with John Galt(a character in Atlas shrugged-again by Ayn Rand) in their real life?

Is appreciation only meant for the mouth not for imbibing in real life?Don't people ever aspire to be like something they admire?Why does it stop with just an empty praise?

We never exhibit the similar attitude to materialistic likes do we??If I like/ love a dress i would immediately make it my own.What stops us from making characteristics we admire our own?Maybe it is because we no longer know the means.

I still need to fathom this incredible behaviour where we would prefer to stay far apart and admire and expect something better and good but would never aspire to become that beauty which we praise.Truly Opposites attract but its just that.. pure attraction which can brushed aside but never be made good enough to make it a part of your flock.