Thursday, December 27, 2007


Isn't it a beauty????

Friday, December 14, 2007

Missed the TRAIN...

The Bangalore-Mangalore train finally chugged into place and i thought, Damn....Missed the train...
Not that I wanted to be on its maiden journey after 'N' long years, the train I missed here has nothing to do with 'THE TRAIN' rather I missed going on a trek on the Sakleshpur route which will now be completely taken over by the train.

For everyone who has no clue what the route looks like here it is:

I have never gone on this route for one simple reason... I'm ruddy scared of heights and this track though it inspires a lott of trekers, doesnt do anything to alleviate my acrophobia.Not that I never wanted to go on this route, but I have always been waiting for the right time when my fear would be on more tolerable levels.

Anyway looks like the lovely sojourn into paradise has now been replaced by a train and I'll never really get to know whats its like to walk over that track.

This incident forced me to think about the number of 'Trains' I have missed in the past. I must admit, I could almost give Southern Railways competition with the number of trains that popped up.

Why is it that we all fail to live for the moment? Certain things are better experienced now than later.You never know, they might just bite the dust of time waiting for us forever...

I’ve seen it in so many people, not doing things at one time thanks to a common stunted opinion of waiting for a better time in the future... I guess we have come to an age where missing 'Trains' has become the mantra of the day.Where is the fun in doing something at an age where you dont experience it the same way you would've at an appropriate age? Take traveling for example, I don’t care how many people tell you to believe that you can always travel the world when you are old,but trust me and I’ve seen quite a lot of old people, something gets into you when you get older, its a gooey sticky thing that makes you scared of everything and makes you dread change and of course to make things even better old age is synonymous with all kinds of ailments and who wants to carry truck loads of medication to stay alive when you would rather just carry a camera!

It’s the destination sadly all of us are focused on, but as the famous quote goes; for an ideal traveler it’s the journey that counts and not the destination... And anyway our destinations have already been scripted for us, so why miss the journey which is so breath taking?

Come to think of it, our so called journey in life is quite similar to a train ride. Here you are sitting by the window and looking at the lovely scenery whiz by. There is no coming back unless you travel on the same path again and you never know time might have sniped the scenery in your absence...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gyaan of the day...

"Never ever suffer from 'the feeling to share' in front of someone who doesnt value the same things as you in life... on second thoughts, dont ever suffer from such delusional crap anyway."

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The devil called CHANGE...

Change is ineveitable but is it desirable?

Aren't certain things in life just nice the way they are? Why do we insist on change?Im perfectly happy when i react the same way as a 3 year old to a chocalate ice-cream or a surprise gift from a friend .Why do i need to be dignified and calm when i dont feel like it at all!!!
You would say i missed an important lesson in changing over from a kid to an adult over there...
But whats the big deal with this change anyway , why would you want to slowly kill a part of you that reacts perfectly normal to fit certain standards of society?

We call change a measure of growing up... is it really growing up or is it growing the inhibition within ourselves?We surely have changed a lot as children but there is no growing up here, its just a matter of altering yourself to behave as society does...

Can't we ever live life like we did in the past? Why does our present and future have to be different from the past? Why do we need to behave differently with the same people and situations in a different way, especially if the initial way was good?

I guess change is desirable only if it transforms you like it does to a flower bud and turns it to fully bloomed flower,doesnt alter your essence just enhances it.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Nayi packet mein cheez purani...

You would exclaim the same too after you picked up a copy of the so called 'New improved Femina' magazine.

The Ads of course announce a different story about the mag.I must admit that the ads are something different, they portray 'Women with substance' to quote a cliche.

I have no complaints with the ads, they serve the purpose and make you spend for the magazine to find out whether it really is what its advertisements claim.One look at it and you know that its the same old recycled nonsense about how and why the only occupation for women should be to preen themselves and their cooking skills for men.

All right, they portray a lot of woman in the where is the substance you ask? Of course its the advertisement brochures which occupies almost 40% of the mag... so if you want glamour with advertisements or your simply bored with the rusty look of the purposeful free ads newspaper booklet pick up a femina mag...

They should consider putting a disclaimer on the mag stating that 'Conformity with the ads shoud not be expected and is not regretted'.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Ponniyin selvan -An experience

I've been meaning to write about this epic from ages. but never really put pen to paper...

The truth is any amount of reviews or words explaining this book would be wasted and it would not even begin to encompass the true beauty of this book.How do u explain an experience?(Ponniyin Selvan to me is an experience , not just another good book).There is always a possibility that my expression might dilute the reality or override your true experience with the book.

Ponniyin Selvan unlike other novels doesn't just string together events, rather it creates a melody of events which presents itself as a perfect background for the mating of the prose of the mind and the poetic characters.

Each character is well rounded and defined.This is a huge task,given the scad amount of characters in PS. Take for example the character of Poonkuzhali's father,Thyagar Vidangar,this character gets almost obscured amongst the main ones ,but Kalki has defined even Thyagar using his other character,Aniruddha Bhramayar.No word or sentence in the book can be termed repetitive .

It is a book which gently ebbs you onto a plane of imagination and from there weaves forth the Chozha country and its denizens for you.

More on PS yet to come... this is just the beginning.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The saga of buckets, cups,spoons and the like...

This is basically an astonishing (not to mention ashamed) revist back to good old english grammar basics.

All these days whenever I had to use the plural form of 'bucketful' or 'cupful' i would actually go ahead and say "bucketsful and cupsful" but apparently it isnt the correct usage ... you would need to use 'bucketfuls' and 'cupfuls' instead...

The word 'bucketful' is actually a compund noun and in all such cases you would have to include an's' at the end of the complete compounded word not in the middle.

And i was under the impression that guessing plurals of singular objects would be childs play

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dancing in the Rain!!!

No...It isnt about any romantic movie where the couple meet in the rain and dance away till the end... Its just how unique everyone feels when it starts raining.

I have not till date come across any one single person who feels absolutely neutral about rain.The feelings move from pure happiness,wonder etc to absolute disgust regarding whats gonna happen to the wet clothes and the filthy streets etc etc and they never for once stop at the neutral zone...
No sir,not a single inert mind you would find that accompanies rain...thats the magic of rain for you.

But of all the myriad feelings rain evokes , singing and dancing seem to be the most popular ones...ever wondered why? Look at most movies or even advertisements for that matter, if you have rain you either have a song or a dance or both.. and of course if its an indian movie we are talking about more than just dance and song im sure...

For most other people its garam chai and yummy pakodas.... and im surely not complaining about this one :-).

Again some people would love to read a book when it rains.Come on, where is the fun in that! You are just gonna be looking into the book and concentrating more on the book not giving the rain its due respect!

I personally would love to talk a walk in the rain...not sing or dance just a plain good old walk down some road with lots of trees and without other curious human eyes...

There doesnt seem to be any logical explanation for why people feel what they do when it rains.
But who cares the saying goes you can either love it or hate it but you definitely cannot ignore rain.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bitten/Tagged by a fellow travel bug...

I've been tagged to list the new 7 wonders of the world which i've already visited and 3 which i wud like to visit...
Well here's a sad one ...ive not visited any of the new 7 wonders...yep not even Taj Mahal ...
Now if i had to pick out 3 places in the list which i could visit it would be

1. Machu Pichu in Peru definitely...

There is something about mysterious places and long lost civilisation concepts which pulls me..and of course the fact that it was an Inca civilisation settlement really intrigues me to visit that place.

2.Chichén Itzá,Mexico

Again mystery civisilation -Mayan civilisation this time...Mayan civilisation was considered to be phenomenally ahead of its times... would love to visit this place and have a look at everything these guys used before we even dreamt of it ...No idea how they got extinct...

3.And of course the Taj Mahal
Simply becuase i have to see it for myself and find out what the fuss is all about....and why its a crime that ive not visited it yet.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I always thought it would be extremely difficult to find instances of Dumb,Dumber and Dumbest in one single day and in one single person, but well lets just say i got extremely lucky!!!!

Let me recount the lucky incident for the benefit of mankind in general.

A few days back i saw this person trying to cross a 4 lane road with a divider in between.
Im blessed to have witnessed dumbness coz he like a whole bunch of idiots was trying to cross the road where there was no crossing indicated for pedestrians.

Dumber coz it was a blind curve and he was the only dare devil who decided to cross over at that point where every vehicle driver would be possesed by Schumacher's spirit...

And finally the dumbest simply coz he decided to keep watch on the other side of the road (the place where he eventually wanted to go) while crossing instead of looking in the direction where the vehicles were approaching him.....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Unexplained Corelations

Its strange that certain words remind u of something which is in no way related to the actual meaning of the word.

For example whenever i hear the word 'Test' im always reminded of sugar water.... sounds weird i know... and "Russia" reminds me of Mysore pak!!!!!

For some crazy reason the correlation is to food though...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Lamentations of a dormant blogger

One of my dear friends asked me why its been a year since my last post. I couldve answered right away using the mode of communication that i seem to utilise better than any (yaking of course ) But i felt this was a more appropriate medium.

Anyway, i did decide to think over his question and i came up with more questions about my blogging abilities.

For starters its really weird that i have so much to write about but I just cannot get myself to actually write abt it. I guess its the classical problem of trying to put my thoughts on paper.That sounds pretty derogatory so i would rather think that maybe by the time i want to write about the 1st thing i thought up of, I've already thought up of a good 10 other things...Fast thinking girl u c :-P

Now here is the second problem, When I start thinking I'm on a roll and i can write the history of the world down,i get bogged down by the presentation ,u have to worry about all the spellings and grammar and etc etc.It feels like I'm trying to correct an English essay paper :-(

I mean cmon it's a blog do we really need to compose anything in perfect English? ( i must confess though that i actually checked the spellings for this one ;-P)

Of course there is this other major thing of trying to actually log in to blog spot and compose Ur post...I know im sounding like one major lazy bum,. but thts the truth... even the composing part of it seems ok, but logging into ur blog post account is such a pain...

This time though im going to do some justice to my blog, inspite of all the major hurdles that ive already written about.