Thursday, December 27, 2007


Isn't it a beauty????

Friday, December 14, 2007

Missed the TRAIN...

The Bangalore-Mangalore train finally chugged into place and i thought, Damn....Missed the train...
Not that I wanted to be on its maiden journey after 'N' long years, the train I missed here has nothing to do with 'THE TRAIN' rather I missed going on a trek on the Sakleshpur route which will now be completely taken over by the train.

For everyone who has no clue what the route looks like here it is:

I have never gone on this route for one simple reason... I'm ruddy scared of heights and this track though it inspires a lott of trekers, doesnt do anything to alleviate my acrophobia.Not that I never wanted to go on this route, but I have always been waiting for the right time when my fear would be on more tolerable levels.

Anyway looks like the lovely sojourn into paradise has now been replaced by a train and I'll never really get to know whats its like to walk over that track.

This incident forced me to think about the number of 'Trains' I have missed in the past. I must admit, I could almost give Southern Railways competition with the number of trains that popped up.

Why is it that we all fail to live for the moment? Certain things are better experienced now than later.You never know, they might just bite the dust of time waiting for us forever...

I’ve seen it in so many people, not doing things at one time thanks to a common stunted opinion of waiting for a better time in the future... I guess we have come to an age where missing 'Trains' has become the mantra of the day.Where is the fun in doing something at an age where you dont experience it the same way you would've at an appropriate age? Take traveling for example, I don’t care how many people tell you to believe that you can always travel the world when you are old,but trust me and I’ve seen quite a lot of old people, something gets into you when you get older, its a gooey sticky thing that makes you scared of everything and makes you dread change and of course to make things even better old age is synonymous with all kinds of ailments and who wants to carry truck loads of medication to stay alive when you would rather just carry a camera!

It’s the destination sadly all of us are focused on, but as the famous quote goes; for an ideal traveler it’s the journey that counts and not the destination... And anyway our destinations have already been scripted for us, so why miss the journey which is so breath taking?

Come to think of it, our so called journey in life is quite similar to a train ride. Here you are sitting by the window and looking at the lovely scenery whiz by. There is no coming back unless you travel on the same path again and you never know time might have sniped the scenery in your absence...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gyaan of the day...

"Never ever suffer from 'the feeling to share' in front of someone who doesnt value the same things as you in life... on second thoughts, dont ever suffer from such delusional crap anyway."

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The devil called CHANGE...

Change is ineveitable but is it desirable?

Aren't certain things in life just nice the way they are? Why do we insist on change?Im perfectly happy when i react the same way as a 3 year old to a chocalate ice-cream or a surprise gift from a friend .Why do i need to be dignified and calm when i dont feel like it at all!!!
You would say i missed an important lesson in changing over from a kid to an adult over there...
But whats the big deal with this change anyway , why would you want to slowly kill a part of you that reacts perfectly normal to fit certain standards of society?

We call change a measure of growing up... is it really growing up or is it growing the inhibition within ourselves?We surely have changed a lot as children but there is no growing up here, its just a matter of altering yourself to behave as society does...

Can't we ever live life like we did in the past? Why does our present and future have to be different from the past? Why do we need to behave differently with the same people and situations in a different way, especially if the initial way was good?

I guess change is desirable only if it transforms you like it does to a flower bud and turns it to fully bloomed flower,doesnt alter your essence just enhances it.