Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Brainy Entangle

Can a brain transplant change the complete character of a person?

Everyone who has studied basic high school science knows that the brain dominates most of our day to day activities.Any stimulus we receive from the external world is analyzed and stored and then utilized at a later date from the brain.We all acknowledge that the brain literally dictates everything from how we perceive the society to how we interact with people.

So all in all we agree that the brain defines us as an individual, it defines our basic character and also the way we react to situations.

Coming back to my original question… can a brain transplant change the way we think, act and perceive the world around us?

If yes then to ensure world peace all we need to do is catch hold of all the terrorists and transplant their brains with that of normal peace loving citizens.
Is it really that easy?
Or on the flip side can we transplant the brian of a lion with that of a dog and watch a sea change in behaviour?????????

There may be a lot of ethical issues related to such ‘Brain Transplants’.

Is it possible to surgically change a few knots in the brain and make a person behave differently?

Hmmm… lots of questions about the brain and no concrete answers…