Monday, December 08, 2008

Wht the.......

01.Why do people decide to put a winky/smiley etc etc after asking "How is married life?" Am I getting worked up or has everyone else succumbed to unwarranted imagination!!!

02. "Arranged Marriage is not SPICY enough" with the ubiquitous winky following it of course---- I tried and tried to understand the import of this one and in the end cried.( Ok that was a cheesy bit of rhyming stuff going on there, but given the situation ,cheesiness is in order)

Someone please BAN the wink emoticon since it is futile to drill sense into some heads about its appropriate usage!


|( /\ |_| $ |-| | |( said...

People do that!? You should have more gentlemen friends :-).

Gargs said...

There were "girls" involved too..