Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And the winner is.........$$$$$$$$$$

Welcome aboard to a world where the winner is declared on the basis of the bank balance.Have you ever looked around and felt like the world is getting a crazier place to live in simply because you have to do a lot of unnecessary things just to fit into this world?

Success is equated to the amount of money you make.There is a crazy rush for people to buy/invest in huge properties and flats and et all...Now this one always stumped me why would you kill yourself with a huge loan to be kept paying off till you are ready to drop dead so that you can buy multiple properties??? Hey buddy isnt one gonna be enough for you to live in? The last time I knew/saw we can exist only in one place at one time... whats the mad rush to kill yourself for then?

Im not against ambition and love for materialistic pursuits, but im definitely against a pursuit just for the sake of it or for the sake of others. Sometimes I think people buy /expend themselves only to stand upto a particular level in a society which will judge them based on the property/assets they can show . Whats surprising is that you talk to the same people and they will give you a sermon on how their parents had an easy life and how life in the villages and the 'old days" was better.. Well ,excuse me... but aren't you the one complicating your own life by living upto someone elses's standards and confusing them to be your own?

I guess we are living in a planet which has been zombied out by "Success" criterion that revolves solely on money and how much of it you can churn out. Everything has become a basis and standard for how much you earn.It scares me especially on how we are influencing the coming generation.We no longer dare to encourage our children to go and find their calling in "alternative" fields simply coz the monetary benefits are perceived to be less. Are we doing the right thing here? We are stangling true talent and making our children Factory products.Each one sounding and looking the same. All in the name of competition.


|( /\ |_| $ |-| | |( said...

That did not sound like a musing.. rather pent up frustration :-). What is happening?

Gargs said...

All musings are a 'socially acceptable' form of frustration...


Harashita R. R. Bajaj said...

nice write up

read the one on emotions also, y dont u wirte something on the crazy habit of judging a persons emotional state by nything and everything he writes.

Gargs said...

@ Harashita