Friday, October 24, 2008


When you have just shifted out to a new City /Town /Village /Country or even just moved out to a new street the one ubiquitous question you are faced with is "so how do you find life there?". First and foremost isn't life the same everywhere? "Yeah Scotty!the life form here is different,the human species here has actually found a way to generate 6 hands!". But seriously it got me thinking and I started noticing all the things that truely felt different or weird in some cases compared to the place I have lived in all these years.

1. The moon always appears bigger than back home .Its almost as if you can stand on a hig rise building and grab the moon!Hmmm The moon was a far away object of fantasy in my land but here it looks enormous, takes on a more scientific approach when you look at it not a poetic one. Maybe thats why song writers back home sing songs praising the moon whereas here it is just "THE MOON."

2. Certain highways have deer crossing symbols,now I know its not unheard of.But here's what tickles me ,its a straight highway ,no turns or twists and the symbol pops up saying "Deer crossing next 1 mile". Wow! How the hell do the deer know that they need to cross the road right about here? I mean they are deer for heavens ,cant they just prance about and start crossing the road even before the symbol????

3.I find it extremely weird that you can actually walk upto a theatre 5 mins before the latest release and still get tickets for it.Doesnt matter even if it is "BatMan".Now this just depresses me, its almost as if you dont need to plan to watch a movie. Miss the hulaboo of getting tickets for new releases 2 days in advance.Booking tickets for the latest releases used to be like a festival celebration.

4.The foothpaths or the so called pedestrian walkways are not accesible to vehicles from the main road!!!. I mean, come on what if I want to ride the bike on the walkway to beat the traffic? Creativity on the roads is stifled in this part of the world I tell you.

5.People log onto to religiously know about the weather and only then leave their homes.And what's weirder is that the forecast is true more often than not.Now where is the fun in going out prepared for the rain?How the hell are you supposed to comprehend songs like 'Barso re' if you are always preparing to stay dry!

6.Brocolli in Pav-Bhajji in Indian restaurants.This is not just weird and depressing ITS SACRILEGE!

7.Buying Milk in cans :-(

8.There are 'Stores' on one hand and then 'Indian stores' on the other hand.

9.Sarees ,Salwar khameez ,kurtis and kurtas etc are no longer called clothes but they are called "Indian Costumes" (even by Indians).I always felt costume was a word you used for the kind of clothes jokers wear or probably something you would pick up for a fancy dress party.Why call clothes you wear in one part of the world on a regular basis a COSTUME? Ive never heard of Trousers being called "Western Costume" in India.

10.There is an election going on in this country and you dont find a single poster anywhere! I mean c'mon whats the point if you cant print posters and throw/Park them all over the city? Thats what is fun about elections!


WI Cheese Head said...

Looks like you are missing home big time :-) especially bangalore (or is it Hyderabad, Ur favorite city).
I thought you liked brocolli in pav bhaji :P

WI Cheese Head said...

Also u didn't mention abt the "Home Theater" experience which I'm sure you wouldn't experience back home.

Gargs said...

We dont travel 20 mins to get a "Home Theatre" experience :-(

jus me... said...

and spicy food is only as spicy as the person wants it to be and doesn't make your eyes water regardless

Gargs said...

@ Amulya
Oh yeah !
I forgot abt the Spice quotient in food :-)

Balaji said...

ha ha.....very nice :)