Sunday, July 20, 2008

Unresponsive responses!

I've always wondered how to respond to certain statements or rather whether I should respond at all...

For example if someone 'Thanks" you, we are all taught from day one to respond by saying "You are welcome" etc etc , a simple "Sorry" is backed up with "Its ok"( that is of course if you are polite).
Now here is my problem, how do you respond when someone expresses their condolences by stating "Im sorry to hear about the loss" ???

Do you respond by saying :
Option 01. "Its ok" ...........thats weird isnt it? I mean ,come on, the demise sure isnt ok!

Option 02. "Thank you" ..Yeah right ! Thank you that you are sorry buddy? Now thats sounds equally crazy....

Option 03. "Im sorry too" Hmm getting warmer I guess...But not quite thr is it?

Option 04. "Im at a loss for words and I dont know to respnd to you"... thats as truthful as you can get and still gets the response through. Hmm maybe thats all you can say.

Option 05.Its a different story if the person expresses their condolences in your presence ,you can just shake and nod your head and be done with it.

I personally think a minutes silence would be the apt response.


|< /-\ U $ |-| | |< said...

Depends on what the loss is...
1) An expensive object, you can say, "No worries,we're rich".
2) An opportunity you can say.. well, a lot of things ;-), easiest, whine about how the person who got it was a sucker.
3) Guess for what you had posted the blog about, if you're in a position to talk, the combination of the options should do the trick.
"These are difficult times, thank you for being supportive. I'm sorry X left us too, but its ok. X lived life to the fullest."

As always my rendu paisa! :-)

Gargs said...

There is this other thing ive noticed ppl do.. they just say "yeah.." and cluck their tongues and nod their heads, mumble something incoherent and turn and luk away...