Thursday, March 06, 2008

A dedication to the yummiest place on planet earth-VV Puram Chat street

Anyone and everyone who claims to have breathed the air in Bangalore for even a few months should swear by it.In fact if you ask me, to authenticate yourself as a true blue bangalorean you should be able to recite all the lovely,heavenly and not to forget the oh so 'not costly' fare from the beginning of the street to the end.

For all those zombies who have dared live in bangalore and have not yet sampled VV Puram here is a small sneak into what the street can churn up.
At the begining of the street near the arya mandir you have a shop which serves normal chat which almost every 'gaadi' on VVPCS(VV Puram chat street) specialises in,But this shop is famous for its out of this world gulkhand with fruit ice creams and of course masala soda. Right opposite this shop there is another 'gaadi' wala who sells great authentic mumbai Vada pav and Pav Bhaji... my only complaint against this guy is that he takes more time to give u ur stuff than the others ;-( .

Anyway personal grouses apart and moving on ,near the Gulkhand Ice cream wala you have an 'angaadi' which serves up mouth watering hot 'Obbattu' topped with loads of fresh desi ghee, Of course you can also get a mind boggling range of south indian fare here, right from the greatest 'Panniyaram idli' to the most simple yet crispy Dosa.

Saunter down the street and you can get yourself treated to a rare combination of 'Chitranna dosa'. Its nothing but Dosa with chitranna accompanied by the uniquitous chutney.yeah, i know no one likes to eat chitranna even if its offered free, but try it with dosa and its some thing different!

Spin around and you find yourself sampling every mans gastronomic dream 'Bondas'!.Of course apart from the boring aloo bonda,you have to try the capsicum bonda which is served with carrot and onion topings and tempered with tangy lemon juice.

And as a befitting finale to the chat street, there is a cluster of sweet shops , dont even dream of leaving the street without sampling the outta this planet Rabbadi. There is also an assortment of american corn chats on the oposite side of the VVPCS (opposite the park) for the bottomless pits. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures to give a glimse into the beauty called VVPCS. But im hoping my words made up for it.

Happpy drooling!


PizzaDude said...

Lovely place! Yummy food and low prices. What more can you ask for. The Benne Gulkan remains my favourite. I went there for almost after a gap of 10 years and the taste of the dish was exactly the same. Even the price had not changed. Talk about quality control!!! :O

PizzaDude said...

Btw, did you eat all the things in one single session ?? If so, I am so proud of you my friend :D

Gargs said...

No da... even i am not tht capable ;-(
But i went thr every week with one speciality in mind.. one week was south indian week and the next was north indian week and after tht sweet mela ;-P
U get the picture rght....

sarathy said...

As good as Advertised. Made a believer out of me. Enjoyed the Gulcan icecream, Basundi and the masala soda the most. Looking forward to more VV Puram visits whenever that might be.