Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ready.... Get Set...... Go

The " Ready" and "Get set" part of it was goin on for quite some months now... its only the "Go" part of it (which i finally achieved today) that needs some major clapping and encoring......

Hopin to put up some real Good stuff....


PizzaDude said...

I was wondering who ws this new person who left a comment n my blog!!! I realized the moment I saw ur profile.
A big welcome to the blog-o-sphere!!!
Used CAP tech from my blog look to urs ? ;)
And yeah, u have to explain what "Kaleidoscopic Cerebrations" and "amaunet" mean..

Amaunet said...

Hi pizzadude..
I have no clue exactly wht in my profile gave u an idea as to who i was..
and secondly... the Blog Look i choose was teh only OK one available... so till i have some time to change the look ill have to adjust being in ur "Blog Looks" category
OK now here is the game: open up an internet browser and type in Google.co.in and in teh search feild type in "AMAUNET" and click on the search button.. and voila u not only get one explanation but lots more.. :-)

if u dont succed in tht:Amaunet One of the principle egyptian goddess who is also called the Egyptian goddess of wisdom, apart from being personified as the life-bringing northern wind.

Part Two : kaleidoscopic --- herad of a kaleidoscope? well its the verb form of the same

cerebrations :The process of thinking (especially thinking carefully)

Dear Pizzadude does that clear lots of things for u????

PizzaDude said...

I know what a Kaleidoscope means. Did nt know what Cerebration means. Now I know. :D

But I still dont get what it means when u put the two together.

PizzaDude said...

Amaunet : She is referred to as 'the mother who is father' and in this capacity she needs no husband.

That is so not you!!!

Amaunet said...

Dear Pizzadude..
Do u mean to imply that i need some Male company always?????